Re-imagining Cities for Children

La verdad intentar hacer una ciudad que sea buena para los niños debería ser nuestra meta… con eso, lograríamos todo lo demás.

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Do you think your city is a hostile and chaotic place to live? Imagine if you were just a kid walking or biking your city. Would you survive? In most cities –if not all- this answer would be negative, unfortunately.

Today with more than 50% of the population living in cities most of the people grow, learn and experience life in the urban world. The way this experience happens can determine the places you go, the way you move and how you interact with other people.

If you were born in Amsterdam, Houten or Copenhagen biking would be just the way you move in the city without giving it much thought. In Houten, Netherlands they do the unthinkable by giving a 6 year old the liberty to bike alone to school. How crazy is that?

Well not that crazy when you have designed the city to make biking for a…

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